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Ex Licence

Introduction of the Company's Electrical Engineering Sector

The electrical engineering sector with its state-of-the-art, comprehensive facilities, guaranties high-quality work and punctual handling of repairs. Due to our company's Ex licence, we are also able to deal in a responsible manner with these special explosion-proof aggregate units.

This sector of the company deals mainly in the repair of commercial electrical motors and pumps, if necessary also of other electrical machines (such as generators or auxiliary aggregate units).

Insulating lacquer is removed by means of a modern furnace in a way that is harmless to the material and ecologically safe. This guaranties the continued quality of the stator plates.

Motor winding is done by a computer-controlled winding machine which, due to the extremely precise, conventional coil armouring, produces a quality that guaranties a long service life of the repaired machines. Finally, a precise phase break further guarantees the safety of the repaired machines.

Together with the claim to high quality, the orientation towards the customer's needs is a top priority of this sector of the company. It goes without saying that there is a 24-hour stand-by service as well as a - on request - door to door collection and delivery including the dismantling and assembly of the respective aggregate unit on site. Pumps and pump stations are collected and re-installed by the service department of the company.

Professionalism, a claim to high quality and customer- orientation are prominent features of the electrical engineering sector, this being evidenced again and again by the fidelity of our customers over many years.

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Contact: Mr. Joachim Meyer / Mr. Olaf Zellmann

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